2020 Spring BMS After School
<ul><li>Participation Release: <ul><li>I give permission for my child to participate in all activities facilitated by the YMCA, unless a restriction has been documented above. Furthermore, I acknowledge the inherent risks involved in afterschool/tutoring program activities which may include but are not limited to: travel to/from program site, outdoor play, arts/crafts, and interaction with volunteers or classmates who may unknowingly carry communicable illnesses (cold, flu, etc.) and release the YMCA and its representatives from any liability.</li></ul> </li><li>Medical Treatment Release: <ul><li>In the event of a medical emergency, as the legal guardian of the child, I authorize appropriately trained YMCA volunteer staff to administer CPR or First Aid and/or summon emergency medical personnel to transport my child to the nearest medical facility. Furthermore, I consent to any medical treamtment of my child advised by medical professionals, if myself or an emergency contact cannot be reached when the child is brought for treatment.</li></ul> </li><li>Media Release (optional): <ul><li>I give the YMCA at Virginia Tech permission to take photos and/or video of my child participating in YMCA activities and release any media taken for use in promotional materials and/or program reports.</li></ul> </li></ul>